We believe that society today puts too much focus on things like “faster”, “more” and “more effective”, often forgetting about processes around us and the impact our actions leave on the world we live in. We will take the “slowest way” to Rio, not just getting from one point to another by any means necessary, but rather noticing every mile of the ocean and making our way without any harm to the environment. 




In 100 days travel from Luderitz, Namibia, to Rio de Janeiro, the home town of the XXXI Summer Olympic Games, by a ocean rowing boat. We will not use engines, sails or any other external driving implements, and we will travel without a support vessel, relying only on our own strength for the entire route across Atlantic ocea. 






May – August 2016






6000 km across the Atlantic Ocean from

Luderitz, Namibia to Rio de Janeiro

by an ocean rowing boat. 






Education Through the Prism of Expedition


Till now, “Bored of Borders” team has visited numerous schools and shared their adventure stories, receiving appreciation not only from children and teachers, but also from school management. During this adventure project, we will work with several schools, organizing meetings before and after the expedition and using technologies to virtually bring the children out there with us. This way the learning process will step out of the usual four-walled box – for example, during the projects week the children will be able to prepare their projects about the water bodies crossed and the animals met by our team. 


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