The Goal


To follow a 750 km long stretch of the Polar Circle

from the border of Russia and Finland to the banks

of the Norwegian Sea across Finland, Sweden and

Norway. The participants of this adventure will walk

on skis, pulling a sledge with all the necessary equipment

and food. The aim is to follow the compass at all times and

never change the course no matter what comes in the way -

glaciers, rivers, slopes, lakes, mountains and forests.

Keeping the straight line will bear no compromises.




 March 10 - April 15 2014




750 kilometers (~25 km per day) through 3 countries (Finland, Sweden and Norway).


Polar Circle like a magnet


Another crucial part of this project is filming material for exploratory adventure series about the ski-trip itself and the people, who live on the Polar Circle. We want to learn why people choose to live on the circle despite the harsh environment – cold and snow for the most part of the year and mosquito armies during the few month of summer. What is the invisible magnet that draws people here? We want to test the power of this mysterious magnet and see if it is strong enough to help us keep the chosen course across three countries without deviating from the Polar Circle.

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