From Riga to Sochi by bikes


The Road never ends - it is always waiting without any conditions,limitations or demands. It is just there, kindly allowing us to crawl,walk, skate and roll on it. Some people do not hear the welcominghowl of adventure, but then there are always those whose ears andminds are tuned in. We have heard the howl and are ready for thenext adventure.


The four members of Pedal for No Medal cycling team are asdifferentas they come - some have dedicated their lives tocycling, some are taking up a race against themselves andsome will experience the Road through the eyes of a pedalerfor the first time, but there is one thing that unites all of them -the addiction of following the Road line by line, breath by breath.




To cycle from Riga to Sochi in 17 days

in winter conditions,whatever they may

be, and deliver children’s messages

to Latvian Olympians.




January 21 to February 7, 2014.




2802 kilometers (~165 km per day)

through five countries (Latvia, Lithuania,

Poland, Ukraine, Russia).




During the course of this adventure the cyclists will act as messengers of good wishes - they will pick up the letters and drawings prepared by the little patients of the Children’s Hospital in Riga and deliver them to Latvian Olympic team in Sochi. The cyclists will devote this adventure to a good cause, encouraging the followers of this project to make donations for the renovation of the Hemato-oncology ward of the Children’s Hospital.

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