The Goal

To cross Europe from North Cape to Gibraltar on Nordicskates

in 60 days and set a new Guinness World Record –the fastest

crossing of Europe on Nordic Skates.

Estimated time

September till November 2013.

Total distance

6153 kilometers (~100 km/day) across

9 countries (Norway,Finland, Sweden,

Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands,Belgium, France, Spain).



What do these numbers stand for? What meaning do they have, if there is no adventure behind their voiceless faces? It is quite simple really. Crossing ones own borders into the unknown. Just like in childhood, when every day brought something new to discover. When we stood on our toes to end up, where we thought no one had been before. We weren’t looking for adventures - adventures found us. A goal is easiest expressed in miles, ounces, seconds or any other measures, but in the end it really is about a dream that encourages you to challenge yourself to take a new path.

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