Roberts Draugs

Pushes the pedals and fixes things

  • His day job is managing the bicycle shop HAWAII EXPRESS.

  • After work as well as during it he cycles and manages the HAWAII EXPRESS cycling team.

  • Each year he adds approx. 9000 km to his cycling stats.

  • He has been cycling since forever and his biggest adventures so far include the bike ride from Vilnius to Polar cycle in Finland and the cycling tour on the famous route Paris-Dakar.

Kaspars Skincs

Pushes the pedals

  • When working, he is the supervisor of the Radisson Blu convention center.

  • When out of the office, he plays squash and rides his bike.

  • His cycling stats for the last 3 years are quite impressive: 2011: 8000 km, 2012: 15500 km, 2013: 17000 km.

  • Kaspar’s adventure portfolio includes the trip around Latvia, during which he cycled 1523 km in 7 days, and the 1280 km ride from Riga to Berlin, which also took him 7 days.

Liene Jurgelane

Edits the blog

  • Co-founder and member of board at kusT - Education about the important.

  • The veteran of the first BOB adventure Coast-to-Coast.







Nauris Selga

Provides technical support in Latvia

  • Every working day he is the chief bicycle mechanic at HAWAII EXPRESS.

  • His priceless expertise was crucial in preparing team’s SCOTT bicycles for the long ride.

  • Every day he cycles from Ogre to Riga and back and once a week participates in MTB races.

  • He is somewhat hesitant to speak about cycling in the winter.

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Karlis Bardelis

Pushes the pedals and tells the story

  • Full time adventurer.

  • He’s been on a bicycle before, but started training for serious cycling on November 22, 2013.

  • So far he has pedaled approx. 750 km.

  • The most important entry in Karlis adventure log is the 60 day roller-skate ride form North Cape to Gibraltar, covering the road length of 6247 km.



Karlis Plakans

Pushes the pedals

  • By day he is the revenue analyst for Radisson Blu hotels in Riga.

  • Once he is out of his suit he plays hockey and manages the Radisson Blu cycling team.

  • He got on his first bike in early childhood, but began participating in races and longer adventures in 2006.

  • His average yearly distance traveling on bike is approx. 13 000 km.

  • He's certain that the biggest adventures are yet to come.​

Miks Valers

Navigates, cooks and talks to you

  • He makes living by translating technical documentation and user interface (if you don’t like Windows Phone, maybe he’s the one to blame).

  • He’s good with words and keen to get out of his chair - these qualities have bought him a place in the support team for this adventure.

  • Miks has already withstood his first baptism of fire in the role of a support team member during the first BoB adventure Coast-to-Coast.​​


Aigars Livdans

Pilots the supporting vehicle

  • As an expert of hospitality and hotel business Aigars is responsible for ensuring that thousands of visitors have a great time in Latvia.

  • His skill set will be put to good use during the ride from Riga to Sochi, as he will be responsible for the well being and security of the team on the road.

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