Karlis Bardelis

Author of the idea and the project implementer

I am a 28 years old environmental project manager working in waste recycling field with a huge passion for adventures. I have been snowboarding for 15 years (with a lot of exciting free rides in Alps) and climbing for 8 years.

Raimonds Dombrovskis


Former member of the U.S. National Biathlon Team; has done a 7000 km trip on roller­‐skies through North America in the mid 1980s, as well as many other expeditions.



Miks Valers

Tweeter, instagrammer and social networker

A professional translator and a copywriter by calling. The handyman of the crew.

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Jekabs Nakums


Head coach of the Latvian National Cross-­‐Country Skiing Team; participated with good results in several World Championships and Olympic games in biathlon.



Zane Peneze

Scriptwriter for the documentary

Journalist and film director, graduate of Documentary Studies at the New Scool in New York; co-­author of two documentaries about Afghanistan, reported from war zones, most recently Syria.



Liene Jurgelane

Project Manager

Educator. Project manager. Co-founder and member of board at kusT. Education about the important.





Kaspars Cirsis


A professional cameraman, participated in filming several award­‐winning short films and international film projects.

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