More info regarding the anchor party⚓! Those, who clearly didn't understood my previous post.

During the night anchor snaped, broken, finito, arrividerici, dosvedanja, čau, Rasma!

So I drifted in wrong direction, but when the tides calmed down. I calmed down too and as I have already prepared to use my old watermaker as an anchor, I thought 7 times, because it is a freaking 3500 € (new) machine😲😃 So the better solution could be to use spare acumulator as an anchor, right? Added the remaining chain from the old anchor tied with 100 knots and overboard it went!🤘🏻

Works well, can't complain, 13.4kg and I'm saved💚🚣‍♂️

The following section between the islands🏝 looks tricky and THE TIDES! 🤞🏻Ahh, by the way I'm tied to the floating fishing villa tonight


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