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March 22, 2018

We finally rolled out from Santa Cruz de la Sierra with the Cochabamba on our minds. The dream come true day come for Linda soon :) Since the beginning of this tandem journey she dreamed about midday swim in lake, river, ocean or pool & then in Bolivia after 3000 km behind us - THE POOL! Just next to the road, right in the mid-day and only 2 EUR per person! The next day the autumn come in the southern hemisphere. Rain and colder temperatures (don't laught, ok!?) only 23 celsius. It really makes difference, if You're used to 33! Linda has caught a cold, so send good thoughts and virtual vitamins!

A lot of people have helped us in the past (thank You very much) and hopefully a lot of will help in the future :) 
This kind of projects can't be done without direct financial support! Thanks to our individual $ / € supporters for this project:

KASPARS KĀRKLIŅŠ, Vita Stankevica, Pedro Luiz, Martins Malcenieks, Arvis Ozolins, Mija Zaļūksne, Juris Paegle, SANDRA FELDMANE, Gints Branks, Elīna Pelčere, Reinis Arnicāns, Ilze Maca, Daina Domašūte, ZANDA TŪNE, Dāvis Markus, LINDA SILIŅA, Norberts Osītis, Dace Uskeneka, GATIS SIMSONS, Maruta Beinerte, Intars Kirhners, Sanita Freiberga, EDGARS KAĻVA, Nauris Bišers, Juris Jansons, Skaidrite Dzeneun @Latvieši Turcijā.

If You also would like to support our project there is many options:

1. Pre-book the place in the first story-telling event after the project - 10 EUR per person or if You would like to boost us more, we don't mind :D, just write Your email in payment details, so we can contact You afterwards. 

Name: Jūrmalas alpīnistu klubs "9.3 Mezgli"
Account No. LV43HABA0551036868943
Registration No. 40008172652
Address: Nīcas iela 3, Jūrmala, Latvija
Bank: Swedbank AS

2. Enjoy our documentary on Vimeo 

3. Take one of two options above, then share which one You choose & maybe that will encourage Your friends to help us too.

4. Maybe You have some other idea? Maybe You would like to pre-book our story after the project in Your company? Just let us know here on FB or karlis@boredofborders.com




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